It is common knowledge that food spoilage can occur anytime food is stored incorrectly. However, what may not be considered common knowledge is the number of airborne gasses, pathogens, and bacteria that could be present that can dramatically accelerate the process of ripening and spoiling. Airocide® by Sterilumen™ provides green, safe, and energy efficient air purification that releases no harmful emissions, no chemicals, and no ozone. In this article, we will discuss some of the airborne contaminants that threaten your food and some tips you can use to reduce the resulting spoilage.

Regulate Exposure To Airborne Chemicals

One of the most common culprits for food spoiling faster than intended is a virtually harmless airborne chemical that emits naturally from ripening food, called ethylene gas. This gas is a natural plant hormone known to be emitted by some fruits, such as bananas, but it is also used by some produce farmers and grocers to make their fruits and vegetables ripen faster. On the downside, if this gas is not adequately regulated, it can permeate into areas where other foods are being stored, and the ripening chemical could cause it to spoil prematurely. Formaldehyde is another chemical that is naturally produced by plants to defend fruits and vegetables from airborne bacteria, but due to its toxicity and potential carcinogenic properties, needs to be regulated and filtered as best as possible. 

Eliminate Airborne Bacteria And Pathogens

Most of us are aware that many viruses and pathogens could be present in the air we breathe at any given time. What people may not know is that many of these pathogens can increase the rate of food spoilage. This is the reason we cover and seal our food, and keep it stored at a safe temperature in a freezer or refrigerator. But what about produce that is left out in the open at the grocery store, or on the food prep counters in restaurants? Foods with long shelf life are not considered to be at any immediate risk of contamination or becoming harmful to ingest, but in the event of prolonged exposure, the food items’ shelf life could potentially be compromised. Grocery stores and kitchens that purchase the proper air filtration systems can greatly reduce these threats, and safeguard their products from premature spoilage and loss of profit.


Sterilumen offers a portfolio of technologically-advanced air purification and surface disinfection systems that your business or institution can use to keep your food products safe from airborne contaminants and premature food spoilage. Airocide® by Sterilumen™ uses its patented Photocatalytic Oxidation technology which completely destroys airborne viruses, including COVID, and other pathogens. Not only do leading organizations around the world rely on Airocide to keep their customers and employees safe, NASA trusted Airocide to sanitize its International Space Station. For more information about our technology and our products, please visit our website and set up a time to speak to one of our representatives.