Patent-protected solutions to address a $40B healthcare problem and a $110B hospitality problem arising from the rampant spread of virulent pathogens including the coronavirus

SteriLumen is the single solution for one of the most contaminated high traffic areas in the hospital: the sink. Current healthcare protocols require these areas to be cleaned once daily. Research has shown that the sink, particularly the drain, is the site of multi-resistant microbes that splash around in the sink basin. SteriLumen provides continuous disinfection that kill pathogens such as C-Diff, MRSA, and E.coli. Safe, effective and elegant, SteriLumen is a patented revolution in functional design.

Infection Prevention Mirror

SteriLumen is the first and only patented touchless and fully automated UVC infection prevention system. Destroys coronavirus - 100% laboratory tested

Infection Prevention Drain Device

Utilize the SteriLumen infection prevention technology with our Disinfecting Drain Device. Disinfecting the hard to reach drain interior. Entirely waterproof.

Infection Prevention Retrofit

Retrofit any existing lighted mirror to include the SteriLumen signature infection prevention technology. Easy installation in under 45 minutes.

SteriLumen UVC Technology Destroys Coronavirus

The Sterilumen mirror and drain units are estimated to have sufficient ultraviolet light (UV) intensity for a significant virus kill.

Our laboratory tested both the mirror and drain units envelop viruses, such as human coronavirus SARS CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID19) and H1N1 influenza A.

The SteriLumen Infection Prevention Mirror and the SteriLumen Infection Prevention Drain Device generate sufficient UV fluency to destroy the coronavirus.

Third party independent laboratory testing of SteriLumen 

Our laboratory tested both the mirror and drain units against H1N1 human influenza A virus. The units demonstrated a greater than 2.91-log (mirror) and a 4.21-log (drain) kill after 2 hours and 15 minutes respectively.


  • Over the course of 2 hours, it is estimated that the mirror unit has a fluency of approximately 300mJ/cm2.
  • The drain unit has an estimated fluency of 36mJ/cm2 after a 15 minute exposure.

For entire lab report, please see the Resources Page.

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