SterilumenTM Protect your business, customers and employees with Sterilumen™ state-of-the-art air purification systems

Sterilumen™. Better Air. Better Life.

Sterilumen offers a portfolio of technologically-advanced air purification and surface disinfection systems: Airocide® by Sterilumen, Scientific Air™ by Sterilumen and Lumicide™ by Sterilumen.

Leading companies and organizations worldwide choose our patented disinfection technology to effectively and thoroughly remove viruses including COVID, mold, bacteria and other pathogens. 

Sterilumen products are green, safe and energy-efficient.

Examples of prominent organizations Sterilumen™ proudly serves:

The ultimate air purification for earth and space.

Airocide’s patented Photocatalytic Oxidation technology was trusted by NASA to sanitize its International Space Station and are used by leading organizations worldwide.

Far more effective than HEPA filtration, which circulates contaminants back into the air, Airocide completely traps and destroys airborne viruses including COVID and other harmful pathogens. Airocide is a FDA-listed Class II medical device. No emissions, ozone or harmful byproducts.

Engineering air for a safer environment.

Scientific Air’s proprietary 3-stage technology and portable, mobile design destroy airborne infections and contaminants in minutes.

Scientific Air keep residents, guests and staff safe in leading healthcare organizations, hospitals, long-term care and assisted care venues, and events/public spaces.

The only effective disinfection system for the high contamination risk sink and drain areas.

Manual cleaning methods are ineffective in decontaminating sinks and drains where pathogens accumulate. Lumicide’s patented UVC technology is the only in-drain solution that continuously and thoroughly decontaminates hand hygiene sinks in hospitals, healthcare, and heavily trafficked public areas.