Scientific Air by Sterilumen. The best UV Air Sanitizer that engineers air for a safe, healthy environment

Scientific Air’s proprietary 3-stage UV air sanitizer technology eliminates infections and contaminants 24/7.

Trusted by Baptist Health South Florida, NYC Health + Hospitals, NYU Langone Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente and more.

Portable and powerful air sanitizer design purifies air in minutes.

Digital display tracks and reports vital data on in-room airflow and quality.

Green, safe, energy efficient HEPA filter. No emissions. No ozone.

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Powerful, portable UV light design of our air sanitation system thoroughly eliminates airborne pathogens and purifies air in minutes.

Made in the U.S.A.

HEPA filters capture large volumes of airborne contaminants
Ultraviolet germicidal light chamber traps and destroys microscopic pathogens
Active carbon substrate helps remove germs and odors

Call 1-800-627-4913 NOW for the best air sanitizer solution. 100% UV light safe environment.

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Scientific AirTM S-400 Air Sanitizer

A medical grade air sanitizer system, Scientific Air™ by Sterilumen uses a proprietary 3-stage UV light and HEPA air filter technology to effectively eliminate airborne viruses including COVID-19, bacteria, mold and other pathogens. This air sanitizer is perfect for medical areas.

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