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“Airocide® has cut my shrink in the last year by 24% and paid for itself in six (6) months! Our mushrooms are staying whiter longer; our leaf items are more supple and moist. There also is not as much spotting on our melons and we haven’t thrown out a strawberry since we implemented the system.”

Dixie Produce

*40% Off sale is applicable to the following air purification systems only: Airocide® GCS-25, Airocide® GCS-50, Airocide® GCS-100, Airocide® APS 200 PM2.5, Airocide® APS 300 and Airocide® ACS-100 FG. Offer is limited to two units per Customer Account. Only United States-based customer accounts are eligible. While supplies last. To be eligible, Quote Forms or product consultation requests must be received by Sterilumen™, Inc. between Tuesday, November 22, 7 am EDT, and Friday, December 30, 2022, 11pm EDT. To be eligible for the discounts, Airocide® orders must be placed by Tuesday, January 31, 2023, 11pm EDT. The purchaser is responsible for all shipping charges and taxes. Cannot be combined with any other offers or applied to past purchases. Terms and conditions apply.

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Airocide patented Photocatalytic Conversion technology is proven to extend up to 2X the shelf life of perishable produce

Del Monte, Whole Foods, UNFI, Euro Fresh Farms, DiMare, DIAM, Castellini and Cal Pacific Growers are examples of leading food companies relying on Airocide to reduce shrink and maximize profits.

Even NASA used Airocide’s technology to sanitize its International Space Station.

Completely safe and green, Airocide produces no emissions or ozone.

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