Tracking, Analyzing & Competitive Differentiation

The Next Step: Tracking, Analyzing and Planning

Our vision includes the development of a cloud-based software platform that will enable infection control professionals to track the use of the disinfecting device by reporting when it turns on and off as well as the length of time in use and the intervals. The design of the mirror includes an IOT (Internet of Things)-enabled programmable controller that transmits usage and performance data over the Internet.

We believe this platform has the potential to evolve into a much more powerful and robust tool to help infection prevention professionals, control, track, analyze and plan the use of various solutions they support a sustainable reduction of microbes ultimately may reduce the number of HAI’s within a facility.

Competitive differentiation of the SteriLumen disinfection device

The competitive differences of SteriLumen and other solutions include the following:

  • Focus on the sink and drain: There are no other manufacturers that sell backlit disinfection mirrors focused on disinfecting the sink, drain, backsplash and surrounding countertops known for high contamination. Other manufacturers’ units, designed to cover the entire room, are attached to the wall and ceiling, shadows will exist leaving areas unreached. Microbes in these unreached areas proliferate and move into the areas that were addressed over time. Some manufactures use multiple units to ensure all areas are actually reached. The distances from these units to the surfaces requiring disinfection are relatively long, requiring more powerful UV bulbs and more energy.
  • Ability to quickly and comprehensively clean the unit: No other products that are permanently affixed to a wall or ceiling, provide a way for easy cleaning and disinfection around and behind the unit. Therefore a location of high contamination.
  • Automatic operation: Mobile products generally require the operator to manually bring the unit into a room and then leave the room to turn on the unit. All units are dependent on human involvement to move the units into place turn them on and off and monitor their programs. Our unit is preprogrammed to run for the required daily time and is not dependent on someone turning it on and off.
  • Continuous operation: Research has shown that microbes can rebound to pre-disinfection levels within two hours following manual terminal cleaning and disinfection. Competitive UVC products generally used for terminal cleaning have helped to these numbers. Unfortunately these are only used after a patient is discharged. Our unit works continuously while the patient room is still occupied and while the bathroom is not being used. Continuously disinfecting an area of ongoing high contamination.
  • Safety: The motion sensor on our unit turns the UVC light off when someone enters the bathroom and will turn back on following 10 minutes of no movement to complete the required program to ensure microbes are destroyed. Several manufacturers sell mirrors that can be dimmed, but none contain a disinfecting function.