Product Creation, Patent & Prototypes

Product creation

In 2016, NBBJ Architecture, a highly-regarded healthcare facilities architect, sought a backlit mirror for patient rooms to provide a hospitality look and feel, as well as meeting all requirements for infection control and ease of maintenance.

They approached MunnWorks, a designer and manufacturer of fine backlit mirrors, with the idea of creating a mirror specifically for healthcare facilities. After gaining a clear understanding of the microbial issues that exist in and around the sink area MunnWorks created and received, thru its affiliate, a patent for the SteriLumen disinfecting mirror.

SteriLumen was developed with these objectives:

  • It must reduce unacceptably high level of contamination on the sink, drain, faucets and backsplash in the patient bathroom through the use of UVC light.
  • It must be automated and not solely dependent on human behavior to be effective. A predetermined program for effective disinfection was determined by testing the time it takes to effectively kill pathogens such as c-difficle spores, MRSA and others.
  • It must provide automatic shut off when someone enters the bathroom providing for the safety of anyone who enters the room.
  • It must automatically resume the predetermined program for effective disinfection once no motion is detected in the bathroom.
  • It must provide mirror illumination that enhances the appearance of the viewer and contributes to healing.
  • It must allow for easy cleaning and disinfecting behind the mirror itself.


Patent number 9,724,442 was issued by the Patent and Trademark Office on August 8, 2017 to Max Munn. This patent application focuses on a general disinfecting apparatus and not a mirror specifically, opening the way for the patent to cover product extensions besides the Disinfecting Mirror. Patents are also currently pending in China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and the EU.  Additional patent applications for “related” fixtures have been recently filed. Further patent filing are planned.


The following images depict the most recent iteration prototype of the SteriLumen disinfection device: