A New Automated Solution

A New Automated Solution: SteriLumen Disinfecting Mirror

Effective disinfection in a healthcare facility requires attention to detail. In a hospital bathroom, bacteria thrive in sink drains, splashing out when the faucet is turned on, contaminating the bowl, countertop, faucets and backsplash.  In 2011-2012 the Clinical Center of the National Institutes of Health faced an infection outbreak that originated from a sink drain, resulting in the deaths of 11 patients.

Ongoing research continues to show that bathroom sink contamination is a critical problem. There are few options for cleaning and disinfection of sink drains short of removing the sink and scrubbing out the drain with bleach and scrub brushes.

To effectively reduce the number of pathogens and potential cross contamination in this area, we have developed the SteriLumen Mirror.  This disinfection device uses 275 nm UVC light on high-risk bathroom sink surfaces, thereby effectively reducing the bioburden, including difficult microbes such as C. difficile that can thrive on surfaces for months even after typical cleaning and disinfection. SteriLumen has been designed with guidance from Infection Prevention specialists, Facilities Directors and A&D professionals each of whom have areas of concern that need to be addressed in an area of high contamination. SteriLumen can be used every day even while patients are occupying the room.

Our initial focus will be on the hospital patient room sink, and areas surrounding the sink. This same technology can be applied to other sinks in other locations throughout the hospital or health care facility. Eventually this product will be introduced to other related facilities such as assisted living, nursing homes, physician and dental clinics as well.

We have filed patent applications for several other dual-purpose products that incorporate UVC disinfection technology, such as shelves attached above hospital and hotel guest room sinks, as well as incorporating this technology in medicine cabinets for residential use.